Dracula for ZSH

A dark theme for ZSH.


Install (安装)

All instructions can be found at draculatheme.com/zsh.

Configuration (配置)

Time Segment

The time segment shows a clock in either a 12 or 24 hour format based on your locale. To enable it, use the following in your config file:

Context Segment

The context segment shows the username, and, if the user is root or logged in via SSH, the hostname of the system. To enable this segment, use the following in your config file:

Status Segment Indicator

The status segment indicator (the arrow at the beginning), can be changed by setting the DRACULA_ARROW_ICON variable. For example, to use an ASCII '->':

Git Locking

This program automatically makes use of git's --no-optional-locks option, and it should automatically detect if your version supports the option. However, if, for some reason, the automatically detected values are incorrect, you can forcefully disable or enable the functionality by setting the variable DRACULA_GIT_NOLOCK to 0 or 1, respectively.

Team (团队)

This theme is maintained by the following person(s) and a bunch of awesome contributors.

Aidan Williams | --- | --- Aidan Williams |

License (许可)

MIT License