λ lambda-zsh-theme

lambda-zsh-theme is a beautiful zsh theme inspired by the the oh-my-zsh lambda theme.

Install (安装)

Clone this repo, then...

  1. Copy cdimascio-lambda.zsh-theme to the themes directory

    cp cdimascio-lambda.zsh-theme $ZSH_CUSTOM/themes
    # or alternatively
    # cp cdimascio-lambda.zsh-theme ~/.oh-my-zsh/themes
  2. Set cdimascio-lambda as your default theme

    Open ~/.zshrc in your favorite editor

    Set the line that starts with ZSH_THEME to ZSH_THEME=cdimascio-lambda

  3. Restart the terminal or source /.zshrc

    source ~/.zshrc

License (许可)


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