gruvbox is heavily inspired by badwolf, jellybeans and solarized.

Designed as a bright theme with pastel 'retro groove' colors and light/dark mode switching in the way of solarized. The main focus when developing gruvbox is to keep colors easily distinguishable, contrast enough and still pleasant for the eyes.

Attention (注意事项)

  1. Read this first
  2. Typeface from gallery is Fantasque Sans Mono
  3. Typeface from screenshots below is Fira Mono

Screenshots (屏幕截图)

Refer Gallery for more syntax-specific screenshots.

Dark mode

Light mode

Airline theme

Palette (调色板)

Dark mode

Light mode

Contrast options

Refer wiki section for contrast configuration and other options.

Documentation (文档)

Please check wiki for installation details, terminal-specific setup, troubleshooting, configuration options and others.

Features (功能)

Contributions (投稿)

See gruvbox-contrib repo for contributions, ports and extras.

ToDo (待办事项)

  • Filetype syntax highlighting (R, TeX, Swift, Erlang)
  • Plugin support (Tagbar, VimPlug)

Self-Promotion (自我推销)

If you like gruvbox follow the repository on GitHub and vote for it on

License (许可)